Everyday, in thousands of companies all over America — LGBTQ professionals feel the tremendous weight of being closeted in the workplace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help LGBTQ professionals find a place where they can be exactly who they are; where they can express their talents and skills to the fullest extent and feel total freedom while doing so. We believe that when employees are stifled and shamed, the entire team and company are negatively affected, often in immeasurable ways. Essentially, the end result of discrimination is a lose/lose situation for everyone.

That’s why Lavender Ceiling aims to promote progressive companies who value every employee equally, and hold discriminatory companies accountable. Now, LGBTQ professionals’ honest, first hand reviews fills our wider community in on the subtler, often unseen aspects of a company’s culture and practices.

About Our Founder

Even though our founder works at a Fortune 500 company with a HRC CEI score of 100%, they were still the victim of workplace harassment and discrimination. Being out of the closet was not safe—despite the company’s inclusive policies. The lack of inclusion practices and corporate messaging perpetuates a company culture that ignores and isolates LGBTQ employees, most of whom are in the closet due to fear of discrimination.

The final straw was when our founder and their LGBTQ colleagues felt the deeply personal and local devastation of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub tragedy in June of 2016. While the country and the world stood united with Orlando, their company stood in silence.

But our community is not silent, and our collective power is beyond our ability to measure. Lavender Ceiling exists today because change happens from the inside out—and it starts with the individual voices of truth, insight, and hope.